Maani introduces a self-loading self-offloading MCU in Jordan for Orange

Maani Prefab builds and installs a self-loading self-offloading Mobile Communications Unit in Jordan, also known as MCUs. The unit has a telescopic lattice tower that is 21 meters high. The main function of MCUs is to provide network coverage in uncovered and newly developed areas, in addition to strengthening network signals in crowded & dense events.
The time needed to install MCUs does not exceed 1 hour including site preparation, since Maani Prefab managed building a unit that is so practical and effective, it is self-loading & self-offloading and does not require a crane. In addition, in challenging areas that is limited in space, Same unit with nested arms can be utilized where tower will be 9 meters high, limiting the space needed for the MCU foundation.
Every telecommunications company within the Kingdom and region can benefit highly from Maani Prefabs MCUs.

Maani were reliable in every sense. working with us in developing the ideas. doing their job in the best way.
-Union Marketing Group