Design Jordan

Design Jordan is a visionary design institution focused on creating positive social change through product innovation.

Based in Amman, Jordan, we exploit the innate ability of design to identify opportunities for evolution and give shape to innovations that can change lives for the better. Our diverse and comprehensive approach enables us to create environmentally and culturally sensitive products and solutions that improve the personal and professional lives of everyone, everywhere.

Always in a state of flux, we are continuously evolving in line with our four principles of excellence: pioneering design, innovation, high quality, and holistic problem solving. We employ a research-heavy, user-centric process to develop strategic design solutions, which empowers us to pre-emptively respond to needs, create, foster and perpetuate a design culture in the Middle East, elevate trust in products made in the region, and illustrate the importance of design and how much it influences everyday life.

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Design Jordan - 065818810


7th circle - Zahraan Plaza - 7th floor, Amman, Jordan