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Integrated Solutions of Maani Ventures to German Jordanian University

Many buildings in German Jordanian University had been performed by Maani Ventures, where manufacturing and supplying prefabricated buildings  for classrooms, health centre, nursery school were by Maani Prefab, with total area of 2,500.00 meter square.  While classrooms and theatre furniture had been supplied by Maani and Partners for furniture, steel doors by Al Qiadiyah Engineering Industries Co., and timber doors and wooden cladding for walls had been done by Specialized Wood Est.

This project is considered as an example of what Maani Ventures can offer to their clients of integrated services under one roof, knowing that this project was executed in record time of 150 days only.







Maani were reliable in every sense. working with us in developing the ideas. doing their job in the best way.
-Union Marketing Group