Our team of interior designers and engineers pay close attention to the needs of every space they are assigned to. They suggest the best combination of items, colors and materials that suit your needs and that insure maximum functionality and present ability.

Engineering Drawings
For projects that require more planning such as libraries, auditoriums, our engineering department provides detailed drawings highlighting space usage and electro-mechanical specifications to best suit a given location.

Delivery and Assembly
maani promises timeliness when dealing with the delivery of an order. Our delivery and assembly teams are quick to provide you with your order when and where you want it. We deliver orders in an easy to assemble and easy to store form; assembly is a fast and orderly process as most items are either partly or completely ready upon delivery.

After-Sales Service
Our dedication to customer satisfaction starts by offering quality products that are resilient and durable. Atmaaniwe believe in keeping in touch with our customers to ensure that they are completely satisfied. Our prompt and dedicated maintenance crew performs tune-ups when they are needed.