Steel Partitions & Fully Glazed Doors

MetalForm Fully Glazed Doors & Partitions :

By providing a superior alternative to Aluminum systems, Metalform can provide curtain walls, partitions and door systems in different kinds of steel ; cold-rolled, galvanized & stainless steel grade 304 or 316. Finishes vary from painted to bright or satin polished. Such systems can provide thermal or non-thermal break in addition to smoke & fire-rated characteristics. Furthermore, and because of close coordination with Maani Furniture, MetalForm is a leading partitions solution provider; designing, manufacturing and installing steel partition systems.

Doors & Windows with Thermal Break
Thermally insulated profile systems with fittings and accessories for single and double-leaf doors, windows, as well as for exterior glazed units.

Doors & Windows without Thermal Break
This complete profile system with fittings and accessories for flush-fitting single- and double-leaved doors, glazed walls, porches and windows which do not require thermal break.

Curtain Walls & Glazed Roofs
Our system offers an enormous variety of possible structural applications for constructions using glazed curtain walling. The static properties of profiled steel tubular section also make these the optimal structural elements for curtain walling. The slender visible widths of only 45 or 60 mm allow the construction of large-surface transparent façades in steel and stainless steel.

Fire & smoke - Proof Systems : EI30-EI 120/ E30-E 120 / EW30-EW60 / R30 / RS
When it comes to fire and smoke proofing assemblies, MetalForm occupies a leading position. By continuously updating & upgrading our accreditations, we will combine the latest tested solutions of glass & steel to meet your precise requirement.