About maani VENTURES

maani VENTURES is one of Jordan’s leading industrial groups that employs more than 700 engineers, technicians, and highly skilled laborers and professionals. Established in Amman in 1986 with the ultimate vision of developing a new generation of customized engineering products and solutions, maani VENTURES has expanded into a conglomerate of five companies that service Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar. Today, and with our extensive expertise that spans over four decades, maani VENTURES services the MENA region and beyond through two core business divisions – CONSTRUCTION and FURNITURE.

maani CONSTRUCTION Through our six product lines at maani CONSTRUCTION, we supply a diverse range of construction products that provides high-value and customized engineering that meet the most rigorous time constraints. From steel hangars and campsites to portable cabins and three-story buildings and much more, maani CONSTRUCTION offers:

  • maani PREFAB specializes in construction of high-end prefabricated buildings.
  • maani STEELspecializes in design, supply, fabrication, and erection of pre-engineered buildings.
  • maani STRUCTURES specializes in structural steel projects such as power stations, cement and petrochemical plants, oil and gas projects, as well as high-rise buildings.
  • maani METALFORM specializes in producing Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approved fire rated steel doors, architectural sheet metal works, and cladding.
  • maani LGS specializes in using automated production and construction capabilities to provide light gauge steel building solutions.
  • maani SOLAR specializes in the complete integration of solar (PV) energy solutions into existing facilities, or new developments using German technology and in-house expertise to offset almost any electricity demand.

maani FURNITURE Building on our core strength of customized engineering, maani FURNITURE is one of the region’s leading companies that provides contract furniture, bent wood, educational and professional labs, auditoriums, office and classroom furniture, and much more. This is serviced through the following five product lines:

  • maani OFFICE CONCEPTS specializes in the production of high-quality, functional, and durable office furniture solutions.
  • maani LEARNING & COMMUNITYspecializes in providing a wide range of education and community institutional furniture for classrooms, lecture halls, auditoriums, libraries, and more.
  • maani LABS specializes in finding solutions for various types of laboratory furniture including learning, industrial, and research laboratories.
  • maani COMPONENTS specializes in the production of bent wood components.
  • maani CONTRACT FURNITURE specializes in turnkey contract furniture solutions that produce fire rated wooden doors, and operates in the luxury fit-out industry.