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Maani Steel Company is a sponsor of the 6th annual regional conference of the Industrial Engineers and Systems Foundation.

As part of our commitment to promoting education and developing engineering skills, Maani Steel (A Member of Maani Ventures) participated in the 6th annual regional conference for industrial engineering organized by the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE), University of Jordan branch, under the theme "Emerging Trends: A Gate to the Future".

Eng. Mustafa Al-Jazzi, the company's general manager, led a training workshop where he shared his previous experiences to motivate and qualify the attendees. This participation aims to prepare a knowledgeable generation of industrial engineers capable of interacting with the evolving challenges of the job market.

The conference aims to provide valuable information contributing to exploring the latest trends and developments in the field of engineering. It also seeks to hone future leaders, enabling them to adapt to the constant changes in this vital field. Confirming its commitment to contributing to the development of the engineering community, this participation reflects the Maani Investment Group's commitment to enhancing education and skill development in various fields, particularly in the field of engineering.