Venus - TA

Venus fixed audience seat has been designed with an extremely efficient and quiet lifting mechanism that eliminates noise distractions throughout the performance.

True to Maani tradition, seats are handcrafted and ergonomically designed to provide superior comfort and an attractive appearance for years and years.

These will likely be the most comfortable audience seats you have ever experienced.
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Technical Specifications 


The inner seat frame is made of sheet metal, 2 mm thick, supplied with two cylindrical solid pivots to a chive easily a replaceable tip – up seat with counter weight mechanism.

For more comfort, the seat frame is padded by cut foam with the following features:

  • Color gray.
  • Density: 28-29 Kg/m3.
  • Tension force: max. 100N.
  • Compression force: max. 126N
  • Elongation: max. 200%.

Seat is completely upholstered with high quality fabric for Auditorium chairs.

Back Rest:

Back rest is made of plywood pressed by special high frequency generator machines to produce the final requested shape, padded with cut foam with the same specs as the seat.

Backrest is completely upholstered with Fabric, in high quality, suitable for Auditorium chairs. Back rest supplied with beech veneers cover.

Pedestal Sides & Arm Rest:

Upper part (Arm rest) supplied with cover made of beech veneers pressed by special high frequency generator machines. Armrest is designed to have a folding writing pad.

Lower part (Pedestal sides) is made of a powder coated formed metal sheet 0.9 mm thick, padded with fabric, supplied with fixing piece fixed to the ground by using roll-plugs & screws.

Writing pad:

Made of wood and laminated by the HPL on both sides, hidden inside the Arm rest.


Imported from the UK with following features


  • 100% Polyolefin.
  • Weight: 230 g/m2 + 5%(320g/lin.m.+5%).
  • Width: 140cm + 2% usable.
  • Abrasion: Grade A tested in accordance with EN 14465 :2003
  • Flammability: BS EN 1021- 1 :2006 (Cigarette)
  • Light fastness: 6 (Iso 105-B02:1999).
  • Fastness to rubbing: Wet:4 Dry: 4 (Iso 105- x12:2002).

Classroom Arrangement